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LiveXchange is the on-line turnkey service designed to equip your corporation with the means to successfully develop and operate your own remote enabled contact center.

The remote enabled contact center model augments the capability of the conventional “bricks and mortar contact center” by adding the flexible dimension of a remote work force.

With your own pool of contracted remote agents you can seamlessly supplement your contact center’s internal staff on an as-needed basis and gain significant improvements in overall efficiency and service quality.

A Turnkey Integrated Service. Ready To Go.

The following is brief introduction to the resources of the LiveXchange your direct access to the transformative technological and labor distribution innovations now being pursued by the world’s leading call centers.
The LiveXchange service gives you access to a comprehensive, integrated system of remote enabling resource that covers the three essential areas of implementation.

  1. Remote Network infrastructure and technology.
  2. Remote Agent Recruitment.
  3. Remote Agent Management.

Together they give you all the essentials you need to successfully create and operate your own remote agent program. And it’s all waiting in the ContractWorld.jobs cloud, on-demand.


Welcome To The LiveXchange Network. Your Remote Connection.

LiveXchange provides the remote network that connects Certified Remote Contract Agents to their client contact centers. For an overview of the LiveXchange remote work environment go to the Remote Technology section.

Clients of the LiveXchange Network can use the ContractWorld site to advertise their contract jobs, appraise applicants on-line, and from them select their own team of Certified Remote Contract Agents.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of remote enabling your contact center through the services of LiveXchange and ContractWorld.

There isn’t a simpler or more economical way to do it.