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Your Work Working as an independent contractor (not employee) for virtual call centers means their customer calls come directly to your home-office. You are connected to your virtual call center clients through our Network.

Your Workplace Because the calls are from virtual call centers. You work from your own home office using your own PC work station. You are connected to your virtual call clients through our Network.

Your Work Training You are fully trained, on-line, for each of your chosen work-at-home jobs. Training time varies by client, it can be few days or sometimes a week or two. You are required to pay a small fee for your training courses.

Your Work Contract You do not work for ContractWorld. You contract your services directly with the recruiting clients who advertise on this site. Clients are responsible to you for the work-at-home jobs provided, your supervision, administration, scheduling and pay. Full contract details are viewable in ContractWorld Members Section.

Your Business Over time, you can build up your work-at-home business by adding different virtual center clients. With more clients you have a greater variety of work, more opportunities and, of course you will earn more money.

Your Work Hours You have the opportunity to work flexible hours, sometimes for very short periods. You can work as many or as few hours as you like, as long as you satisfy your clients schedules.

Your Work Schedule You post your available time for the coming week in the online ContractWorld scheduler. The scheduling system automatically integrates your available time with your clients needs. You can swap shifts with other Contract Agents on the scheduler swap board. You can also commit to a standby status for extra work.

The Benefits of Multiple Client Contracts You are usually paid on a per transaction basis, the fee per transaction is set by your clients. You are paid directly by your contact center clients. Payment is bi-monthly and deposited electronically to your bank account.
A Guide To Average Incomes

Your Work Overhead As an independent work-at-home business you pay for the (largely tax deductible) costs of running your office including; equipment, connections and operating fees.
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Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs