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You can’t become a Remote Contract Agent on your own. To answer client calls your home office must be connected into a full service, data/voice network. ContractWorld is a private network that provides the high level security, scheduling and multimedia communication tools necessary for you to connect and work remotely with your virtual call center clients. Everyone in the remote contract agent community works on the ContractWorld Network. It does everything for you, for only a small monthly license fee

Your ContractWorld Network License.

The ContractWorld Agent Access OS™ is the Network’s exclusive operating system needed for your computer to interface with the ContractWorld Network’s infrastructure and business tools.

Once you begin working for a client The Agent Access OS™ software is licensed to you for a fee of $29 per month for one client ($10 per month fee for each additional client)

Your Billing Company. Payshark.

The ContractWorld Network partners with Payshark an automated, third party billing service that supplies the precise invoicing and accounts receivable for your business.

Each (2 week) pay period Payshark electronically bills each of your clients, collects the amount due and then deposits payments directly into your account. The Payshark fee is $4.95+ applicable tax per invoice period.


Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs