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If you know how to operate a PC, plus have basic typing skills and a good telephone manner, you have the essential skills to train for Contract Agent work. There are two levels of training necessary for you to Certify as a working Contract Agent, each incurs a one-time training fee. You will be relieved to learn these on-line training courses are usually brief and the fees are reasonable. Note: You can only attend training at the invitation of the recruiting company.

1. My Business Access Training.

In this 1 day, 8 hour on-line course, you learn the key skills required to operate independently from your own home office linked to a remote network system including how to operate all aspects of the AgentAccess OS™ software.

Once graduated from this course you will attend the corresponding client course. The fee for this Agent Access course is $75.00 + tax (not applicable to all clients).

2. Client Application Training

Once invited to training by a Client, you register on-line to a Client Application course. In this course you learn how to process the specific call transactions of the client you have applied for.

According to which client company you apply to, your course could vary from 2-8 days, and training fees vary from client to client. Please review your course schedule tab for details. All training is done online in a virtual classroom setting. All training fees are payable at time of registration by Visa, MasterCard or Bank Transfer. All training costs are tax deductible.


Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs