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It is neither difficult nor expensive to certify for work as a Remote Contract Agent, however certification does have a checklist of fundamental requirements:

A Home Location Virtually Anywhere In Canada.

As long as you live in an area where high-speed internet service is available you can work at home as Remote Contract Agent. If you live outside the Network local calling area you will need a VOIP computer phone to avoid long distance charges.

A Quiet Home Office.

You will need a dedicated, equipped space free from the intrusion of any background noise (TV’s, radios, children, pets, lawnmowers etc). As a condition of employment all effort must be made to exclude extraneous noise.

High Speed Internet Access.

You must have either Cable, DSL, or ISDN internet access. Dial-up, satellite and wireless connections do not provide the necessary speed rates.

Computer Experience.

You will need basic computer skills. You should be competent in word processing and email use, browser use, downloading and installing of software.

A Dedicated Phone Line.

You will need a phone line that is independent of your home phone line for voice transmission.

A Personal Computer.

You will need your own recent model computer that is compatible with our remote network. The network has equipment specifications that you must meet in order to operate at the technology level necessary to execute call and data transactions for Client call centers. Click here for Technical Specs

2 Extra Equipment Items

In addition to your telephone and computer there are two small equipment items that are important to the daily execution of your remote work.

Click here for Remote Equipment List


Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs
Work at home jobs